Friday, 13 May 2016

Does the NEO2 software actually work?

A lot of people and bloggers online have been raving about a brand new revolutionary software thats taken the internet by storm. We're here to set the record straight about NEO2 software and make sure any false claims are put to rest. 
First things first, these guys claim you can make $4000 a week using the NEO2 platform. Is this true? Well its not as simple as yes or no. Yes it is possible to make $4000 a week if you use the app correctly. With that being said do not expect those sorts of returns in the first week from a small investment. It will take around a month from say a $500 investment to grow your account to a size where those sorts of returns would be in reach. Keep in mind, like all trading, you will need a good trading plan set in stone and most importantly good money management. For Binary Options we suggest using around 5% of your entire account for money management purposes. The reason for this is so your account can handle a little draw down (an amount of losing trades in a row). Some traders have much more aggressive strategies such as trading  past 10% of their account. This can be extremely dangerous and can often lead to complete loss of funds.

Secondly we want to look more into the authenticity of the NEO2 software presentation as well as a general overview of how the system works. Firstly, the facts presented in the video on are pretty accurate, in fact it was refreshing to see a familiar face appear in the video. Michael Freeman has been at the forefront of Binary Options trading and technology for a number of years now. His manual signals group, Mikes Binary Options Signals is the largest and most profitable signals group in the world. Michael identified the amazing work being done by Jack Piers regarding weather. Knowing the immense power and influence that environmental factors such as the weather can have on the market gave Michael the idea for winning formula that is the NEO2 platform. After a considerable amount of explaining about how the system works we are shown the NEO2 software in action. This is a rare thing when watching pitch videos for auto traders, its not often they show users how the software actually works.


Neo2 Features Review - Is It A Scam or Trustworthy?

The Neo2 software is an auto trading platform which assimilates weather prediction and solar trading notions with binary options trading algorithms. The software bases its forecasting on monitoring and evaluation of the solar activity and weather along with other environmental aspects.

The founder of the system is Jack Piers and he has been collecting environmental statistics and later gave the concept to help in the making of Neo 2. Amit Gupta is the programmer of the software along with various other programs. Amit was therefore able to interpret what Jack Piers wanted in a simple way.

You will soon realize that the software has features which distinguish it from other trading systems. In addition to technical analysis, the Neo2 platform also has a Sync button, which is responsible for activating the Solar Tracker. The Trade Algo Button makes the software operate on auto-pilot and finally a Start Now button. Michael Freeman has tested and approved the Neo 2 app. Michael is a leading expert on binary options trading.

Considering that it is an authentic binary options trading software, it shares the benefits associated with other top trading platforms. To be more precise, it provides the following benefits:

  • It is easy to use the Neo2 software and it has a welcoming interface. This makes it easy for anybody to use it even without having any experience and skills or even any prior knowledge.
  • You can use Neo 2 from any computer or mobile device.
  • Using the app will help to propel you among the most successful traders
  • The app is fully automated and is easy to sing up using just your email address and name.
  • The platform has amazing results and can help you earn over $4,000 in one week alone
  • The algorithm provides winning signals based on environmental statistics as well as top-tier binary options strategies.
  • Neo2 was carefully made after years of intensive research.
  • Neo2 is a smart software that proves its worth daily with its numerous winning trades

After vetting and testing, the Neo2 software passes as a highly dependable software. It is a simple system that offers consistent performance. This review as well as others from various credible sources label this system clearly as a working system and not a scam.

In my eyes, the possibility of Neo2 being a scam is nonexistent. The neo2 software is advanced, profitable, and delivers real results as proven in the trading video on It is a transparent program that has readily available information about its basics of operation and the persons behind it. In addition, it has none of the tell-tale signs found in other scams. You can trust Neo2 since it has proven itself as being authentic. It provides no misguiding details and false promises found in other programs that want you to just sign-up and lose your money. Neo2 is a system that you need to be comfortable using anytime. 


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